Morfologiia (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

[The characteristics of the estrogen reaction of the resident macrophages of the dermis and of the macrophages in an inflammatory focus in rats].

PMID 8012527


The method of morphometry was used to study specific features of the ultrastructure of derma resident macrophages in 2-weeks-old and mature rats and macrophages of an experimental inflammation focus caused by a subcutaneous introduction of a celloidin ball. Synthetic nonsteroid estrogen was injected subcutaneously to experimental animals: synestrol in dose 25 mg/kg of body mass 3 times a week. Animals not treated with the drug were taken as controls. Resident macrophages of the inflammation focus reacted to synestrol differently. The reaction of resident macrophages to synestrol depends on the age. Synestrol causes an increase of the summary section area of mature animals and slightly decreases the size of the lysosomal apparatus and intensity of the formation of microgrowings of the macrophage cytoplasm in young rats. Unlike the resident macrophages in which the apparatus of synthesis and secretion is not changed, the size of Golgi complex and the summary area of profiles of the granular endoplasmic reticulum in the cytoplasm of macrophages of the inflammation focus are increased under the influence of synestrol. All this seems to be a manifestation of the estrogen stimulation of secretory activity of the inflammation focus macrophages.