Journal of medicinal chemistry

Alkylating derivatives of amino acids and peptides. Synthesis of N-maleoylamino acids, [1-(N-maleoylglycyl)cysteinyl]oxytocin. Effects on vasopressin-stimulated water loss from isolated toad bladder.

PMID 808606


A method for the preparation of N-maleoylamino acids and esters is reported. These compounds were shown to inhibit both the oxytocin-induced smooth muscle contraction in the isolated rat uterus and the vasopressin-induced water loss from the isolated toad bladder. The inhibitory ability of the maleimides in the toad bladder assay was found to be related to their corresponding partition coefficients by the equation: log 1/C = -0.055 (log P) 2 + 0.227 log P + 3.96. N-Maleoylamino acids can be coupled to peptides to form alkylating reagents which react rapidly with sulfhydryl groups. The synthesis of [1-(N-maleoylglycyl)cysteinyl]oxytocin (3) and [1=(N-maleoyl-11-aminoundecanoyl)cysteinyl]oxytocin (4) as potential affinity labeling reagents is described. These oxytocin analogs were shown to readily react with sulfhydryl-containing compounds; however, neither 3 nor 4 was seen to inhibit in the rat uterus assay at concentrations up to 3 times 10(-5)M. When tested on the mucosal and serosal surfaces of the toad bladder, assay inhibition was seen only on the mucosal surface. These results are discussed with respect to the possible existence of sulfhydryl groups at neurohypophyseal receptors.

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