Journal of bacteriology

Isolation and characterization of Bacillus subtilis genomic lacZ fusions induced during partial purine starvation.

PMID 8288519


Random genomic Bacillus subtilis lacZ fusions were screened in order to identify the possible existence of regulons responding to the stimuli generated by partial purine starvation. A leaky pur mutation (purL8) was isolated and used to generate the partial purine starvation conditions in the host strain used for screening. On the basis of their induction during partial purine starvation, seven genomic lacZ fusions were isolated. None of the fusions map in loci previously reported to contain purine-regulated genes. One fusion maps very close to the citB locus and may very well be a citB fusion. The fusions were divided into two types on the basis of their response to complete starvation for either ATP or GTP or both components at the same time. Except for one, type 2 fusions were induced by specific starvation for ATP and by simultaneous starvation for ATP and GTP, but not by specific GTP starvation in a gua strain or by GTP starvation induced by the addition of decoyinine. Type 1 fusions were equally well induced by all three kinds of purine starvation including GTP starvation induced by decoyinine. Further subdivisions of the fusions were obtained on the basis of their responses to the spo0A gene product. A total of five fusions showed that spo0A affected expression. One class was unable to induce lacZ expression in the absence of the spo0A gene product, whereas the other class had increased lacZ expression during partial purine starvation in a spo0A background.