Journal of chromatography

Quantitative organic acid analysis in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma: reference values in a pediatric population.

PMID 8376520


Quantitative reference values for the concentrations of organic acids in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and plasma, as well as ratios of individual organic acids between CSF and plasma, were determined in twenty-three pairs of samples from pediatric patients. Twenty-six organic acids were present and quantifiable in all or the majority of plasma and CSF specimens (limit of detection 1 mumol/l). There were substantial differences between subgroups of organic acids, best reflected by the ratios of individual acids between CSF and plasma. Metabolites related to fatty acid oxidation were present in CSF in substantially lower amounts than in plasma. Organic acids related to carbohydrate and energy metabolism and to amino acid degradation were present in CSF in equal or slightly lower amounts than in plasma. Finally, some organic acids were found in substantially higher amounts in CSF than in plasma, e.g. glycolate, glycerate, 2,4-dihydroxybutyrate, citrate and isocitrate. Quantitation of organic acids in CSF and plasma should aid diagnosis and monitoring of treatment of patients with organic acid disorders.

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