Chromosomal mapping of the human CNP gene using a meiotic crossover DNA panel, PCR, and allele-specific probes.

PMID 8390968


The human 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphohydrolase (CNP) gene is located on chromosome 17, as determined by PCR of somatic cell hybrid DNA panels and confirmed using a mouse-human hybrid containing only human chromosome 17. A polymorphic site (C, T) was previously described at nucleotide 1215 within the most 3' intron of the gene. Nested PCR primer pairs were designed to amplify across this site, and PCR products were hybridized to end-labeled allele-specific probes. To localize further the CNP gene within chromosome 17, a two-step strategy was used. First, dot blots containing DNA from the parents of 10 three-generation families were screened to identify the potentially informative families. Second, 53 members of four selected families were typed at this locus. Previous studies had shown that the 29 siblings present in these four families carry a total of 84 meiotic breakpoints on chromosome 17. Based on the genotypes observed in these 29 siblings, the human CNP gene was localized to a fragment on 17q bounded by THRA1 (thyroid receptor A1) and NGFR (nerve growth factor receptor), a genetic distance of approximately 6 cM.