Journal of immunological methods

An improved MTT assay.

PMID 8423364


The MTT assay for cell viability and cell proliferation has been modified to improve its reproducibility and accuracy. The modified test is performed on MultiScreen filtration plates, which permits the removal of the culture medium prior to formazan solubilisation, without loss of cells or formazan crystals. A 1:1 mix of DMSO and ethanol is used as the solvent, since this has the same optical refraction index as the filters, making it possible to measure the optical densities directly on the MultiScreen plate. Data obtained in the assay method using the MultiScreen plate were compared with data from studies employing the normal flat-bottomed plate, by using cells which grow in suspension. Two cell lines were used in the study. CTLL-2, which are IL-2 dependent cells of murine T cell origin, and Jurkat E.6.1 which are IL-2 producing cells of human lymphoma origin. CTLL-2 cells and the modified MTT assay were also used for evaluating the effects of different IL-2 concentrations on cell proliferation.