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Determination of sulfadoxine concentrations in whole blood using C18 solid-phase extraction, sodium dodecyl sulfate and dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde.

PMID 8540620


A simple method is described for the extraction and subsequent analysis of sulfadoxine in human whole blood using a solid-phase extraction technique and colorimetric reaction. This procedure utilizes the micellar properties of sodium dodecyl sulfate to: (1) extract sulfadoxine from a C18 solid-phase sample-preparation column; (2) enhance the colorimetric reaction produced by the addition of p-dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde (DMAC); and (3) provide stability to the coloured product generated by the reaction of sulfadoxine with DMAC. The intense, violet-red colour reaction can be conveniently used for qualitative and semiquantitative visual interpretations of sulfadoxine levels. Under the assay conditions, drug concentrations in the blood of subjects receiving sulfadoxine were determined from absorbance measurements. These results correlated well with the sulfadoxine levels determined from high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis. Important advantages of the procedure include the ability to evaluate small samples of whole blood (100 microliters), the minimal use of organic solvents, no sophisticated instrumentation, and formation of a stable, coloured reaction product. The method proved to be a suitable field assay for determining whole-blood levels of sulfonamides in the concentration range from 5 to 100 micrograms ml-1.

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4-(Dimethylamino)cinnamaldehyde, chromogenic reagent for indoles and flavanols