Acta obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica

Effects of endothelin-1 and the ETA receptor antagonist BQ-123 on resistance arteries from normal pregnant and preeclamptic women.

PMID 8677766


To compare the effect of endothelin on isolated resistance arteries from different vascular beds in normal and preeclamptic women before and after pretreatment with the ETA receptor antagonist BQ-123. Resistance arteries from myometrial and omental biopsies obtained at cesarean section of normal pregnant and preeclamptic women were dissected and mounted in organ baths for recording of isometric tension. The contractile response to endothelin-1 in presence and absence of BQ-123 was recorded. Endothelin-1 induced similar concentration-dependent contractions in all arteries investigated. In women with preeclampsia the contractile response induced by endothelin-1 was significantly higher in omental as compared to myometrial vessels. Pretreatment with BQ-123 significantly shifted the concentration-response curve to the right but only reduced the maximum contractile response in omental vessels. Endothelin-1 is a potent constrictor of resistance arteries from different vascular beds in normal pregnancy and preeclampsia. The contractile effect is at least in part mediated by ETA receptors, since it was significantly reduced after pretreatment with BQ-123. In preeclamptic but not in normal pregnant women the response to endothelin-1 was reduced in myometrial as compared to omental arteries, possibly secondary to receptor down regulation.

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