Neuroscience letters

The dorsal facial area of the medulla in cats: inhibitory action of serotonin on glutamate release in regulating common carotid blood flow.

PMID 8805128


Whether glutamate and serotonin would release and interact in the dorsal facial area (DFA) of cat medulla to regulate common carotid arterial (CCA) blood flow was explored by placing a microdialysis probe in DFA and employing high performance liquid chromatographic technique. Glutamate concentration was dose-dependently decreased by perfusion with serotonin, or alaproclate, a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. Serotonin and glutamate concentrations were increased by perfusion with KCl, a depolarizing agent. Furthermore, CCA blood flow was decreased when glutamate concentration was reduced by serotonin or alaproclate perfusion, and conversely increased when glutamate concentration was increased by KCl perfusion. In conclusion, glutamate and serotonin releases in DFA that involve regulation of CCA blood flow are tonically mediated by nerve terminals. The glutamate release is depressed by the serotonin release.