Journal of chromatographic science

Electron capture gas chromatographic analysis of the amine metabolites of pesticides: derivatization of anilines.

PMID 893651


A number of amines have been shown to result from metabolism of various pesticides. From an epidemiological standpoint, it may be possible to monitor human exposure to these pesticides through the excretion of their corresponding amines in urine. An investigation has been initiated to develop and apply methods of analysis of amines in human urine. The results of a survey of derivatization techniques involving several substituted anilines are presented. These include conditions for derivatization, utilizing a number of halo- and nitro- substituted reagents; electron capture and gas chromatographic properties of the derivatives; and stability of the derivatives to extraction and column chromatography for purposes of separation and cleanup. The recoveries of anilines from spiked water and urine samples at the 1.0 ppm and 0.1 ppm levels were between 85 and 90%. The advantages and disadvantages of the various derivatives and techniques are discussed and a rationale is presented for the preliminary selection of a particular derivative for application of the analysis of aniline metabolites in urine.

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