Minerva urologica e nefrologica = The Italian journal of urology and nephrology

[Prostatic-vesical inflammation and sexual problems].

PMID 8966652


With the purpose of investigating the relationship between prostatico-vesical inflammation and sexual disturbances, two groups of 15 patients with uncomplicated BPH were treated with mepartricin 150,000 U/die for 60 days. The two groups differed from each other for the presence of sexual disturbances only present in group A. The relationship between BPH and sexual picture was studied on the grounds of both the symptomatic and instrumental variables habitually adopted in the presence of the pathology in question and of a specific method for the quantitative evaluation of dynamic erection. The examination of the results obtained confirmed BPH clinical implications on sexuality as well as mepartricin excellent manageability, confirmed by the fact that never were sexual disturbances brought about by the drug. On the other hand the erectile activity index measured in the two groups, underwent a qualitative improvement even in the absence of changes in the quantitative datum.