Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

[Clinical study of the effectiveness of a dexpanthenol containing artificial tears solution (Siccaprotect) in treatment of dry eyes].

PMID 8992089


In this controlled, randomized, double-masked study the effect of dexpanthenol-containing artificial tears (Siccaprotect) on patients with dry eyes was examined. 50 patients applied either dexpanthenol-containing artificial tears (Siccaprotect) or the identical, but free of dexpanthenol, eye drops five times daily into the conjunctival sac. No other ophthalmics were administered. The corneal epithelial permeability was measured by fluorophotometry and Schirmer-Test, Rose Bengal staining, tear film break-up time and the patients' subjective complaints were determined before and after 6 weeks of treatment. The dexpanthenol-containing artificial tears (Siccaprotect) improved disturbances of the corneal epithelial permeability significantly in comparison to the dexpanthenol-free eyes drops. The other parameters didn't show relevant differences. These data suggest that, in dry eyes, treatment with dexpanthenol-containing eye drops leads to a favorable and comparing with dexpanthenol-free eye drops superior improvement in disturbances of corneal epithelium permeability.