Physical mapping 220 kb centromeric of the human MHC and DNA sequence analysis of the 43-kb segment including the RING1, HKE6, and HKE4 genes.

PMID 9205114


A cosmid contig was constructed from a YAC clone with a 220-kb insert that spans the centromeric side of the human MHC class II region, corresponding to the mouse t complex. The gene order was identified to be HSET-HKE1.5-HKE2-HKE3-RING1-HKE6- HKE4 (RING5). The genomic sequence of a 42,801-bp long region encoded by one cosmid clone in the RING1, HKE6, and HKE4 subregions was determined by the shotgun method. The exon-intron organization of these three genes, RING1 (Ring finger protein), HKE6 (steroid dehydrogenase-like protein), and HKE4 (transmembrane protein with histidine-rich charge clusters), was determined. The previously reported RING2 gene was revealed to be identical to HKE6. Transcripts from HKE4 were detected in the placenta, lung, kidney, and pancreas. Those of HKE6 were found in the liver and pancreas. The 25-kb region proximal to the RING1 gene includes an extensive dense cluster of Alu repeats (about 1.2 Alu per kb), and no gene has been identified in this so far. The region is equivalent to part of the mouse t complex and could be of relevance to human development.