Contraception, fertilite, sexualite (1992)

[Review of the latest treatments of vulvovaginal mycoses: role of fenticonazole nitrate (Lomexin) in their treatment].

PMID 9273113


Candidal vulvovaginitis result from the deficiency of hort defense mechanisms in front of the activity factors of candida. Filamentation and then adhesion of candida to vaginal mucosa is the most important step in the process of infection. The principal virulence factors of candida are its genotypical and phenotypical instability as well as proteinase secretion facilitating adhesion and vaginal mucosa invading. Hort defense mechanisms are essentially constituted by vaginal flora and local cellular immunity. A weakening even moderate of this immunity can favor the spontaneous transformation from asymptomatic colonization to symptomatic vaginitis. The most utilized treatments are imidazol derivates in short courses. The fenticonazole nitrate has the particularity and the recently discovered advantage over the other agents available in single dose regimen to inhihate in vitro the proteinase secretion in a dose dependent manner. The different clinical studies carried out in comparative or non comparative studies have demonstrated its efficiency and tolerance. The most recent studies stress the swiftness of symptoms disappearance.

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F0060000 Fenticonazole nitrate, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard