Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy

[Study on the most appropriate time for Romurtide administration (Nopia) in radiotherapy patients].

PMID 9350244


The most appropriate time for administration was studied based on examination of the total number of leukocytes, differential white blood count, and the number of platelets in 30 cases in which 200 micrograms Romurtide (Nopia) was injected subcutaneously on the day of radiotherapy, 5 times a week, for 2 weeks, totally 10 times because leukopenia was caused during treatment with radiotherapy. It was recognized that the number of leukocytes, mainly neutrophils, increased from 1 week after starting administration of Romurtide to after the completion of administration (2 weeks after administration), except 1 week after completion of administration. The increasing effect in the number of platelets was not recognized, and it had decreased from at the completion of administration to 1 week after the completion of administration of Romurtide. The rate of completion of radiotherapy was 100% without any serious adverse events, but there were 4 cases in which fever was observed. Therefore, it is not very favorable to administer Romurtide immediately after radiation, taking account of the treatment period of radiotherapy. It is also considered that it would be necessary to start radiation after sufficient recovery of the number of leukocytes or increase in their number by using G-CSF preparation in cases in which the leukocyte count has fallen since starting radiation due to the influence of the preceding chemotherapy.