Der Urologe. Ausg. A

[Transurethral alprostadil administration with MUSE ("Medicated Urethral System for Erection"). Current overview and personal experiences].

PMID 9738294


An analysis of the presently available results concerning transurethral application of Alprostadil with MUSE (Medicated Urethral System for Erection) up to 1000 micrograms indicates a 20-30% lower efficacy if compared to 20 micrograms i.c. injected Alprostadil. Whereas in prospective home-treatment trials only each second MUSE-application was successful in responders 87%-94% of the administrations in self-injection therapy resulted in successful coitus. In an own comparative trial in 73 pts the success rates after MUSE up to 1000 micrograms were 48% compared to 71% after i.c. Alprostadil. Reported side-effects of MUSE in the literature were: Hypotension 3-8%, syncopes 0.4%, penile/urethral pain 29%, urethral bleeding 5%, vaginal irritations 3%, priapisms < 0.1%. After MUSE-applikation the average Alprostadil contents of the ejaculate increased 40%. Whereas in prospective long-term studies of self-injection therapy with Alprostadil the risk of persistent fibrotic alterations of the penis varied between 5-7%, the risk of penile fibrosis after MUSE can not be finally estimated. Also the potential risk for urethral strictures after MUSE is presently not foreseable. The advantage of the technically easy use in confronted with a considerably lower efficacy. Therefore self-injection therapy must be further on considered the "golden standard" in Alprostadil administration.