EDG6, a novel G-protein-coupled receptor related to receptors for bioactive lysophospholipids, is specifically expressed in lymphoid tissue.

PMID 9790765


EDG receptors constitute a novel subfamily of G-protein-coupled receptors displaying a heterogeneous expression pattern. It was shown recently that the four members of this family thus far identified can bind lysophospholipids or lysosphingolipids as ligands. Here we report the identification and characterization of EDG6, a novel member of the EDG receptor family, isolated from in vitro differentiated human and murine dendritic cells. EDG6 is specifically expressed in fetal and adult lymphoid and hematopoietic tissue as well as in lung. The expression pattern of edg6 is strongly conserved in human and mouse. The human edg6 gene was mapped to chromosome 19p13.3 at the D19S120 marker. Considering the lymphoid-specific expression pattern of edg6 and the strong identity to the phospholipid-binding EDG receptor family, we propose that EDG6 may also act as a receptor for a lipid-derived ligand. Because of the known mitogenic and chemotactic activity of bioactive lipids, we believe that EDG6 may play an essential role in lymphocyte cell signaling.