Indian journal of biochemistry & biophysics

Spectrophotometric and spectrofluorometric studies on interaction of cationic dyes with bacterial capsular polysaccharide.

PMID 9854905


Interaction of Klebsiella K14 capsular polysaccharide with cationic dyes pinacyanol chloride, acridine orange and phenosafranin has been studied by spectrophotometric and spectrofluorometric techniques. The polymer containing both glucuronic acid and pyruvic acid in its repeating unit behaved as a unique polyelectrolyte. It induced blue shift of the absorption band of pinacyanol chloride indicating strong metachromasy. Stoichiometry of the polyanion and the dye cations in the polymer-dye compound (1:2) indicated that both glucuronic acid and pyruvic acid acted as potential anionic sites for interaction with the cationic dye molecules. The stoichiometry of anionic site (of polyanion): cationic site (of dye) in the polymer dye compound was calculated as 1:1. Interaction of the polymer with acridine orange and phenosafranin dyes studied by fluorescence measurements demonstrated Stern-Volmer type of quenching. Equivalent weight of the polymer was determined by spectrophotometric and spectrofluorometric titrations. From the present studies chromotropic property of the polymer was established.

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