1.01769 Supelco

Petroleum ether

for denaturation



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Quality Level   200
vapor pressure   400 hPa ( 20 °C)
form   liquid
autoignition temp.   240 °C
expl. lim.   1-7.4 % (v/v)
bp   >50 °C/1013 hPa
transition temp   flash point -31 °C
density   0.666 g/cm3 at 15 °C
storage conditions   Store at +2°C to +25°C.


Analysis Note

Density (d 20 °C/20 °C): 0.600 - 0.700
Miscibility with ethanol: conforms
Miscibility with water: conforms
Course of the distillation analysis: conforms
Petroleum ether has been tested as denaturant by authorities.

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Keywords: Chromatography, Evaporation, Organic synthesis, Peptide synthesis, Solvents

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