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XX6700P20 Millipore

Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 20 L

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation.

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Quality Level   100
material   316 stainless steel body
  fluoroelastomer O-ring
  fluoroelastomer gasket
  molded neoprene base
  stainless steel fittings
parameter   6.9 bar max. inlet pressure (100 psi)
H   ~24 in.
fitting   1/4 in. female NPT inlet/outlet connection for pressure gauge and vent/relief valve attachment
  1/4 in. female NPT inlet/outlet elbow fitting(s) for inlet and outlet (labeled)
shipped in   ambient


General description

Dispensing pressure vessels hold liquid for filtration through Millipore pressure-operated filter holders, if connected to an external pressure source. The portable vessels are available in 5, 10, and 20-liter and 1-gallon capacities. Vessels meet ASME-UM Code requirements.

- Closures are secured by cam-lock handle.
- Vessels are autoclavable when vented.
- Accessory code-complying relief valve, pressure gauge and hose connectors are available.
- Accessory closure adapts vessels for vacuum use.

Pressure Vessels
XX6700P01 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 1 gal
XX6700P05 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 5 L
XX6700P10 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 10 L
XX6700P20 Dispensing Pressure Vessel, 20 L

Replacement Parts
6976 Vessel Cover, cam lock
6977 Outlet Dip Tube, 5 L vessel
6978 Outlet Dip Tube, 10 L vessel
6979 Outlet Dip Tube, 20 L vessel
XX6700059 O-ring, fluoroelastomer A
XX6700104 Street Elbow, 1/4 in. NPTF to M
YY1301009 Plug, 1/4 in. NPT, stainless steel

TP0001326 PTFE Tape 12.5mm x 6.6m roll
XX6700030 Quick-release Nipple & Coupling, 1/4 in. NPTM
XX6700034 3 meters PVC tubing with 9.5 mm internal diameter
XX6700035 Tubing for pressure use, 1/2 in. ID
XX67000PK Pressure Vessel Accessory Kit
XX6700125 Hex Nipple, 1/4 in. NPTM 51 mm., stainless steel
XX6700L11 Adapter, M, 1/4 in. NPT to 1/4-1/2 in. ID
XX6700L15 Pressure Gauge, 1/4 in. ASME
XX6700L24 Vent/Relief Valve, 7 bar, ASME
XX6700L55 Bubble Point Test Apparatus
YY1301015 Pressure Gauge, 0–7 bar
YY2029348 Ball Valve, 1/4 in. NPTF, stainless steel


Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
Protocols & Articles


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User Guide Dispensing Pressure Vessel Fitting Kit

The pressure vessel fitting kit (cat. no. XX67000PK) is designed for use with the following dispensing pressure vessels:

User Guide Filterjet™ Solvent Dispenser

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