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EnPresso® B Defined Nitrogen-free

Growth system for expressing protein in bacteria, Starter Pack



Related Categories Bacterial Culture Media, Cell Biology, EnPresso Growth Systems for microbial culture, Life Science Research, Microbial Media for Molecular Biology and Protein Expression,
sterility   sterile; γ-irradiated
form   tablet
pH   6.8
shipped in   ambient
storage temp.   room temp


Biochem/physiol Actions

EnPresso® B Defined Nitrogen-free is a pre-sterilized, chemically-defined growth system designed to increase the yield of 15N-labelled proteins.

EnPresso® growth systems provide optimal conditions for growth, metabolism and protein expression in microbial cultures. Protein yields are increased by enabling cultures to reach far higher cell densities than those achieved using conventional media. By controlling growth rate and metabolism, a greater proportion of expressed protein can be correctly folded to improve solubility, minimize the risk of inclusion body formation, and ensure functionality of the final product.

EnPresso® growth systems maintain pH, provide adequate minerals, vitamins and trace elements to support growth, and use proprietary EnBase technology to ensure a constant, slow release of glucose from a "polysaccharide substrate.

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Physical form

EnPresso® B is supplied in a kit providing sufficient reagents for 4 separate 50 ml cultures. Included in the kit:
8 tablets in 4 blue bags
1 bottle (1 ml) Reagent A

Other Notes

BioSilta performance guarantee for EnPresso Starter Packs:
For expression of recombinant proteins in E. coli, BioSilta guarantees a minimun 5-fold increase in protein yield from EnPresso B Defined nitrogen-free growth system when compared to yields from comercially available minimal media. Comparisons must be made using an EnPresso Starter Pack and a commercially-available growth media. Manufacturer′s protocols must be followed exactly. Cultures must be adequately aerated in shake flasks or 24 deepwell plates. Failure to achieve minimum 5-fold increase in yield must be reported to BioSilta (through Sigma Technical Services) within 21 days of product delivery and include quantitative data from the EnPresso growth system and the comparative growth media. Subject to data review, BioSilta/Sigma will refund the purchase price of the EnPresso Starter Pack. Please note this guarantee does not apply to membrane proteins and proteins expressed into the periplasm as performance data is not yet available.

Legal Information

EnBase is a trademark of BioSilta Oy

EnPresso is a registered trademark of BioSilta Oy

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Protocols & Articles


EnBase Technology - how it works (with webinar)

EnBase technology is a key element within every EnPresso® growth system, offering a novel approach to control the feeding, and thereby growth, of microbial cultures. A glucose-releasing agent breaks ...
Keywords: Deaminations, Metabolism, Metabolites, Respiration

EnPresso FAQs

A. EnPresso B growth system ready for use. Note small crystals of magnesium salts are visible – these do not affect performance.
Keywords: Anaerobic, Antibiotics, Cell disruption, Degradations, Gene expression, Indicators, Metabolism, Nutrition, Protein extraction, Purification, Reductions, Respiratory, Tagged proteins

EnPresso® B Defined Nitrogen-free (E. coli protein data)

Poor growth, low levels of expression and insufficient labeled protein are the most frequent challenges faced when using minimal medium to prepare proteins for structural characterization by NMR anal...
Keywords: Gene expression, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical, Purification

EnPresso® Growth Systems: Revolutionizing the Role of Microbial Cell Culture

Growing cells to express proteins may seem just a small step on the way to achieving your research goals, but…
Keywords: Cell culture, Metabolites

Improvements in Yield of 15N labelled proteins

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an important technique for structure–based drug design. NMR can both characterise protein molecules and be used as a screening tool for the binding of...
Julia Smith, Ben Davies
Vernalis (R&D) Ltd, Granta Park, Cambridge, CB21 6GB
Keywords: Antibiotics, Ligands, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Purification, Spectroscopy, Vitamins, transformation

Introduction to Microbial Media

Microbiological studies require the availability of different species of bacteria, yeast or viruses in the laboratory. Large scale processes such as fermentation, protein and vaccine production requi...
Keywords: Antibiotics, Cellular processes, Cloning, Fermentation, Gene expression, Growth factors, Indicators, Molecular biology, Nutrition, Sterilizations, Vitamins, transformation

Production of 15N-13C dual-labelled proteins

One challenge in NMR is the need to produce higher yields of functionally labelled recombinant protein, and then isotopically label these for rapid spectral analysis in structural studies.
Dr. Alan Robertson and Dr. Ben Davis,
Vernalis, UK Ltd.
Keywords: Drug discovery, Ligands, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Purification, Spectroscopy

Protein Expression Systems

The development of genetic engineering and cloning has opened many possibilities of expression and isolation of heterologous proteins for research purposes. Considerable advances in technology have e...
Keywords: Amplification, Antibiotics, Cell disruption, Cloning, Culture media, Gene expression, Genetic, Genetics, Glycosylations, Molecular biology, Purification, Pyrogens, Transfection, transformation


EnPresso® B Defined Nitrogen-free

EnPresso B Defined Nitrogen-free is a pre-sterilized, chemically-defined growth system designed to increase the yield of 15N-labelled proteins. EnPresso growth systems provide optimal conditions for ...
Keywords: Antibiotics, Diagnostic, Filtration, Gene expression, Metabolism, Vitamins

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