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Custom CRISPR Products

Synonym: CRISPR, CRISPRs, Cas9, Crispr RNA, Crispr/Cas System, Synthetic CRISPR, crRNA, tracrRNA

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Custom CRISPR Clones

Take control of your CRISPR genome editing and screening experiments with the CRISPR design tool. Browse dozens of genomes to design and order custom gRNAs ready for use with any of our available Cas9 products.

Design CRISPR Targets

  • Click on the SEARCH button to open the CRISPR Design Tool
  • Select your desired genome and choose your genes of interest
  • Set parameters for the designs
  • View and export a list of ranked gRNAs
  • Order your custom gRNAs

Order CRISPR Targets

Custom CRISPR Clones

VisitCRISPR Essentials to review CRISPR formats and products that best fit your research needs.

Order Predesigned CRISPR gRNAs

  • Synthetic SygRNA® gRNAs available in two-part (crRNA:tracrRNA) or one-part sgRNA formats .
  • Perfect for animal model generation and cell model engineering.
  • Recommended to complex with Cas9 protein.
  • Lentivirus gRNAs are available as ready-to-use lentivirus transduction particles 
  • Perfect for difficult-to-transfect or primary cells
  • Plasmid DNAtransfection-grade plasmid gRNAs available in a variety of vectors
  • Perfect for  transfection, nucleofection, and lentiviral packaging (NOTE: lentiviral packaging can only be achieved by selecting a  lentiviral vector).
  • In Vitro Transcribed RNA  is provided in DNase-, RNase-, and protease-free molecular-grade water


  • Click on the CRISPR Design Tool to get started
  • Select your desired genome, choose your gene of interest, and set parameters for the designs
  • View and export a list of ranked gRNAs

Order Your CRISPR  gRNAs

Cas9 mRNA, Expression Plasmids, and Recombinant Protein

Recommended Uses: Microinjection, transient transfection, genome editing (knockout/knock-in) in cell culture (mRNA); transient transfection, genome editing in cell culture (knockout/knock-in), FACS enrichment (plasmid)

  • Codon-optimized Cas9 is available in both wild type and Cas9-D10A nickase versions.
  • Transfect Cas9 expression vectors with optional fluorophores for FACS enrichment and easy visualization of transfection efficiency.
  • Microinject either purified, injection-ready Cas9 protein or mRNA.
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days.
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CRISPR Positive Controls

Recommended Uses: Validate the efficiency of your genome editing experiment or screen

  • Verify the success of your genome editing experiments with validated guide RNAs against the human EMX1 gene
  • Positive controls are available for both the wild type and nickase CRISPR systems
  • Wild type Cas9 or Cas9-D10A nicking enzyme is provided with the purchase of the corresponding control
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days
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CRISPR Universal Negative Controls

Recommended Uses: Confirm the veracity of your genome editing experiment or screen

  • Universal Negative Controls express a guide RNA that has been bioinformatically designed not to target any sequence in the human, mouse, or rat genomes.
  • Enables the expression of Cas9 and GFP without targeting a DNA locus.
  • Universal Negative Controls are provided in the all-in-one CRISPR vector expressing both Cas9 and a non-targeting guide RNA.
  • For most CRISPR experiments, the Universal Negative Control 1 is recommended; Universal Negative Control 2 and 3 can be used as additional controls or as alternatives to Universal Negative Control 1.
  • Ready-to-ship in 2 business days.
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