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Monoclonal Antibodies: A Practical Approach

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publication info   P.S. Shepherd and C. Dean, ed., Oxford University Press, 2000, 576 pp., soft cover
mfr. no.   Oxford University Press


General description

Considers the preparation, testing, derivation and applications of monoclonal antibodies. New immunological techniques incorporating tried and tested methodologies are described. Both the standard somatic hybridization technique and recombinant techniques are described along with both small and large scale production, purification and labeling. Protocols are given for the use of monoclonal antibodies in rheumatoid arthritis, tissue typing, detecting DNA modified during chemotherapy, and in the clinical analysis of transplantation samples for malignancy

Table of Contents

List of protocols
1. Preparation of Rodent Monoclonal Antibodies by in vitro Somatic Hybridization, Christopher Dean and Philip Shepherd
2. Preparation of Recombinant Antibodies From Immune Rodent
Spleens and the Design of Their Humanisation by CDR Grafting,
Olivier J.P. Léger and José Saldanha
3. Selection of Antibodies From Phage Libraries of Immunoglobulin Genes, Jane K. Osbourn
4. Arm Complexes for in vitro Display and Evolution of Antibody
Combining Sites, Michael J. Taussig, et al.
5. Human Monoclonal Antibodies to Blood Group Antigens, Belinda M. Kumpel
6. Laboratory Based Methods for Small-Scale Productions of
Monoclonal Antibodies, Bryan Griffiths
7. Isolation and Purification of Antibodies From Tissue Culture
Supernatant, Geoff Hale
8. Antibody Production in Plants, Pascal Drake, et al.
9. Radiolabelling of Monoclonal Antibodies, Stephen J. Mather
10. Non-Radioactive Antibody Probes, G. Brian Wisdom
11. Immunogold Probes for Light and Electron Microscopy, Paul
Monaghan and David Robertson
12. Characterization of Cellular Antigens Using Monoclonal
Antibodies, Gillian Hynes
13. Immunoassays, Jane V. Peppard
14. Immunoaffinity Chromatography of Macromolecules, Steve Hobbs
15. Immunochemical Detection of BrdUrd-Labeled Nuclei for
Monitoring Cell Kinetics, George D. Wilson
16. Immunofluorescence Microscopy, Rainer Pepperkok, et al.
17. Analysis of Clinical Haematological Samples in Transplantation for Cancer, Barbara C. Millar
18. Immunocytochemical Staining of Cells and Tissues for Diagnostic Applications, Andrew R. Dodson and John P. Sloane
19. Detection of Chemically Modified DNA in Lymphocytes of
Patients Undergoing Chemotheraphy, Michael J. Tilby
20. Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in Organ Transplantation, Matt Wise and Diana Zelenika
21. Monoclonal Antibody Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ernest H.S. Choy
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