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Z351067 Sigma-Aldrich

Hanna Checktemp pocket thermometer

Model HI 98501, °C display



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description   without calibration certificate
mfr. no.   Hanna
temperature measuring range   -50-+150 °C, accuracy: 0.3 °C, resolution: 0.1 °C
probe L × diam.   105 mm × 3 mm
weight   50 g (1.8 oz)
battery power   1.4 V button cell


General description

Checktemp gives you the temperature read-out from -50 to 150 °C or -58 to 302 °F in seconds on a large Liquid Crystal Display with ±0.3 °C or ±0.5 °F accuracy. No breakage, No waste, No injuries, No difficulty in reading. Not even a parallax error by taking a wrong measurement due to the angle of view!

Did you ever wish that your temperature measurements could be made a little easier, in clear digits with a better accuracy, or even over a wider range without worrying about breakage or condensation? Checktemp might just be what you′ve been looking for! It gives you the temperature read-out from -50 to 150°C or -58 to 302°F in seconds on a large Liquid Crystal Display with ±0.3°C or ±0.5°F accuracy. NO breakage, NO waste, NO injuries, NO difficulty in reading. Not even a parallax error by taking a wrong measurement due to the angle of view!

• Light weight and pocket-sized
• An NTC thermistor is housed in a stainless steel penetration probe
• LCD display is encased in a rugged ABS housing
• Internal calibration device assures the reading is reliable and accurate

Calibration Check Feature

One thing you could say about glass thermometers is that they give a sense of false certainty about the temperature because one can see the physical expansion of the liquid inside the glass! Electronic thermometers have at times been likened to a black box. One is never sure if the display is correct. Well, we′ve solved this problem too. Checktemp has the world′s first cal-check feature. There is a switch under the battery cover which sends a 0.0°C ±0.3°C (32.0°F ±0.5°F) signal to the display. This way you are always sure about the accuracy of your readings and if necessary can manually compensate for any deviation in calibration.

The comparison chart below clearly shows that a Checktemp thermometer is the wisest choice for your routine temperature measurements:

• Durability:Checktemp Rugged ABS housing VS Glass/Mercury Made of glass
• Ease of transport: Checktemp No protection required VS Glass/Mercury Must be protected
• Response time: Checktemp 20 seconds MAX VS. Glass/Mercury 2 to 5 minutes
• Easy to read: Checktemp LCD readable at any angle VS. Glass/Mercury Difficult to read
• Hazardous waste: Checktemp None VS. Glass/Mercury Leaded glass, mercury or alcohol
• Applications: Checktemp liquid, air, semisolids, frozen material VS. liquid, air


• -58.0 to +302°F
• -50.0 to +150.0°C

• 0.1°F (-58.0 to 199.9°F); 1°F (200 to 302°F)
• 0.1°C

• ±0.5°F (-4 to +194°F); ±1°F (outside)
• ±0.3°C (-20 to +90°C); ±0.5°C (outside)

Battery: 1 × 1.4 volt battery
Battery Life: 3000 hours of continuous use
Environment: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C); RH 95%
Dimensions: 2.6 × 2.0 × 1 in. (66 × 50 × 25 mm)
Weight: 1.8 oz (50 g)
Probe: Stainless Steel, 105 × 3 mm with a protective cap

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

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