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  • 341436 - Tetramethyl orthosilicate

341436 Sigma-Aldrich

Tetramethyl orthosilicate


Synonym: Tetramethoxysilane

  • CAS Number 681-84-5

  • Linear Formula Si(OCH3)4

  • Molecular Weight 152.22

  •  Beilstein/REAXYS Number 1699658

  •  EC Number 211-656-4

  •  MDL number MFCD00008341

  •  PubChem Substance ID 24860943

  •  NACRES NA.23



Related Categories Chemical Synthesis, Materials Science, Micro/NanoElectronics, Organometallic Reagents, Organosilicon,
Quality Level   200
vapor density   5.25 (vs air)
vapor pressure   3.35 psi ( 20 °C)
assay   ≥99%
form   liquid
refractive index   n20/D 1.368 (lit.)
bp   121-122 °C (lit.)
mp   −4 °C (lit.)
density   1.023 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
SMILES string   CO[Si](OC)(OC)OC
InChI   1S/C4H12O4Si/c1-5-9(6-2,7-3)8-4/h1-4H3



25, 100 g in glass bottle


Used in the sol-gel synthesis of chromium-doped silicates and in the formation of hexagonal mesoporous silica layers.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Signal word 
Hazard statements 
UN 2606 3(6.1) / PGI
WGK Germany 
Flash Point(F) 
78.8 °F - closed cup
Flash Point(C) 
26 °C - closed cup
Protocols & Articles


Bio-Inspired “Green” Synthesis of Nanomaterials and their Applications

Dr. Siddharth V. Patwardhan Department of Chemical and Process Engineering University of Strathclyde, 75 Montrose Street Glasgow G1 1XJ, UK Email: Siddharth.Patwardhan@strath.ac.uk
Keywords: Adsorption, Agriculture, Apoptosis, Cancer, Catalysis, Condensations, Cosmetics, Deposition, Environmental, Enzyme activity, Green chemistry, Hydration reaction, Immobilization, Microwave synthesis, Nanomaterials, Pharmaceutical, Precipitation, Reductions, Separation, Sol-gel, Solvents

Nanostructured Materials Through Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

Advances in materials have often been led by the development of new synthetic methods that provide control over size, morphology and structure. The preparation of materials in a scalable and continuo...
Jin Ho Bang, Yuri T. Didenko, Richard J. Helmich, and Kenneth S. Suslick
Material Matters, Volume 7, Number 2, 15–20
Keywords: Antimicrobials, Cancer, Catalysis, Characterizations, Chemical reactions, Condensations, Deposition, Diffusion, Electronics, Evaporation, Flow cytometry, Nanomaterials, Oxidations, Photovoltaics, Precipitation, Purification, Reductions, Semiconductor, Separation, Solar cells, Solvents, Thin film deposition

Sol-Gel Science for Ceramic Materials

Silicon-based research has drawn much attention in recent years with targeted organizations such as the International Sol-Gel Society hosting workshops,1 and the Sol-Gel Gateway2 hosting a compendium...
Dr. Sandra Kay Young
Material Matters 2006, 1.3, 8.
Keywords: Ceramics, Condensations, Deposition, Evaporation, Hydrosilylations, Infrared spectroscopy, Ligands, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Polymerization reactions, Sol-gel

Synthesis of Melting Gels Using Mono-Substituted and Di-Substituted Alkoxysiloxanes

Hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel materials containing silica were first called “ORMOSILs” in 1984.1 Since then, the number of hybrid organicinorganic combinations has increased rapidly.2 Hybrid mater...
Lisa C. Klein and Andrei Jitianu
Material Matters, Volume 7, Number 2, 8–14
Keywords: Absorption, Adhesion, Calorimetry, Combustion, Condensations, Deposition, Exothermic, Filtration, Materials Science, Melting, Oxidations, Polymerization reactions, Purification, Semiconductor, Sol-gel, Solar cells, Solvents, Spin coating, Substitutions, Thermal analysis

Vistas in Current Magnetic Materials Research

Magnetism and magnetic materials have been of scientific interest for over 1,000 years. More recently, fundamental investigations have focused on exploring the various types of magnetic materials and...
Keywords: Automotive, Ceramics, Detection methods, Electronics, Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Precipitation, Semiconductor

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