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364258 Sigma-Aldrich

3-Aminopropyl-functionalized silica gel

40-63 μm, extent of labeling: ~1 mmol/g NH2 loading



Related Categories Aminopropyl silica gel, Analytical/Chromatography, Chemical Synthesis, Modified Silica Gels, Reagents,
extent of labeling   ~1 mmol/g NH2 loading
  ~9% functionalized
matrix   irregular silica particle platform
matrix active group   NH2 phase
particle size   40-63 μm
pore size   60 Å pore size
surface area   550 m2/g
SMILES string   O[SiH3].CCCN


General description

The product is silica gel functionalized with amino groups. The product (3-Aminopropyl-functionalized silica gel) is 9% functionalized and has 1mmol/g of NH2 loading (extent of labelling). It participates as catalyst in the Knoevenagel condensation reactions.


3-Aminopropyl-functionalized silica gel may be used in the following studies:
• For the separation of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from lipids by combined supercritical fluid extraction and separation.
• Preparation of the tin complex immobilized on silica gel, a novel, green, highly efficient and heterogeneous reusable catalyst.
• Preparation of silica gel bearing isonicotinamide groups.
• Synthesis of a novel catalytic system including Pd(OAc)2 attached to a bis(oxazoline) ligand that is covalently bonded to 3-mercaptopropyl-functionalized silica gel.
• Useful as a heterogeneous, reusable catalyst for the Knoevenagel condensation.
• For low- and medium-pressure reversed-phase liquid chromatography.


10, 50, 250 g in glass bottle

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Safety Information

GHS07  GHS07
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NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


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