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428329 Sigma-Aldrich

Polyaniline (emeraldine salt)

average Mw >15,000, powder (Infusible), 3-100 μm particle size

Synonym: PANI



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form   powder (Infusible)
mol wt   average Mw >15,000
particle size   3-100 μm
surface area   5-20 m2/g
conductivity   2-4 S/cm (compacted powder)
mp   >300 °C (lit.)
density   1.36 g/mL at 25 °C
bulk density   18.8 lb/cu.ft



25 g in poly bottle

5 g in glass bottle

5 g packaged in glass bottles; 25 g packaged in poly bottles


Additive in polymer blends and liquid dispersions for electromagnetic shielding, charge dissipation, electrodes, batteries and sensors. Polyaniline may be used for linear actuator applications. 1

General description

Form of polyaniline complexed (doped) with proprietary organic sulfonic acid. Polyaniline is environmentally stable and with tunable conductivity.3 Synthesis of polyaniline (PANI) emeraldine salt by chemical oxidation has been reported. It was observed that sulfonated dyes chemically interact with the charged backbone of PANI. PANI selectively adsorbs the sulfonated dye. Spectral, diffraction and conductivity measurements of the polymer has been reported in the same study. 1

Inherently conductive polymer.
Stable at 100 °C and at 200 °C for short periods. Dispersed particles tend to reaggregrate in molded articles forming conductive pathways. Acidic salt of an organic acid, incompatible with most bases.
Form of polyaniline complexed (doped) with proprietary organic sulfonic acid

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 

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Zhenyu Bo* (Ph.D Candidate at Northwestern University) and Jia Choi*, PhD, Product Manager

*Materials Science Product Management Team, MilliporeSigma, Milwaukee, WI.
Keywords: Deposition, Nanomaterials, Nanotubes

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