463728 Aldrich


powder, ≥99.9% trace metals basis



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assay   ≥99.9% trace metals basis
form   powder
resistivity   185 μΩ-cm, 20°C
bp   1962 °C(lit.)
mp   1244 °C (lit.)
density   7.3 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)



25, 100 g in poly bottle

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GHS02  GHS02
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UN 3208 4.3 / PGI
WGK Germany 

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3D Printing of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Composites

3D printing is a type of additive manufacturing that can be used to rapidly fabricate components with highly customizable geometries, most typically using a layer-by-layer fabrication process. 3D pri...
Zhenyu Bo* (Ph.D Candidate at Northwestern University) and Jia Choi*, PhD, Product Manager

*Materials Science Product Management Team, MilliporeSigma, Milwaukee, WI.
Keywords: Deposition, Nanomaterials, Nanotubes

Additive Manufacturing of Permanent Magnets

M. P. Paranthaman,1 I. C. Nlebedim,2 F. Johnson,3 S. K. McCall4 1Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831, USA 2Ames Laboratory, Ames, IA 50011, USA 3GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY 12309...
M. P. Paranthaman, I. C. Nlebedim, F. Johnson, S. K. McCall
Material Matters, 2016, 11.4
Keywords: Degradations, Deposition, Melting, Nucleic acid annealing, Renewable energy

EPA Method 200.7 Product Selection Guide

This product selection guide is designed to simplify the ordering of products for EPA Method 200.7. This method is for the use of inductively coupled- plasma-atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) to...
Keywords: Inductively coupled plasma

EPA Method 200.8 Product Selection Guide

This product selection guide is designed to simplify the ordering of products for EPA Method 200.8. This method is for the determination of dissolved elements in water samples as well as various soil...

EPA Method 200.9 Product Selection Guide

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Silicides: Promising Thermoelectric Materials - Material Matters Volume 6 Number 4

In recent years, the price of tellurium, a key component in the best-performing thermoelectric materials, has increased significantly, leading to the question, "Is it economically viable to produce t...
Mikhail I. Fedorov, Vladimir K. Zaitsev
Material Matters Volume 6 Number 4
Keywords: Applications, Gene expression, Melting, Methods, Nucleic acid annealing, Reductions, Semiconductor, Type

Silicides: Thermoelectric Materials

Mikhail I. Fedorov,* Vladimir K. Zaitsev Ioffe Physical-technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia *Email:
Keywords: Gene expression, Melting, Nucleic acid annealing, Reductions, Semiconductor

Working with Reactive, Volatile, Complex Materials to Produce Novel Alloys

Deborah L. Schlagel*, Andrew J. Sherve (not pictured), Thomas A. Lograsso Division of Materials Science and Engineering The Ames Laboratory, Ames, IA 50011 *Email:
Keywords: Adsorption, Calorimetry, Materials Science, Melting, Microscopy, Nucleic acid annealing, Precipitation, Rearrangements, Scanning electron microscopy, Spectroscopy, transformation

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