635103 Aldrich

Yttrium vanadate

single crystal substrate, <110>, 99.99% trace metals basis

Synonym: Vanadium yttrium oxide, Yttrium vanadium oxide



description   single side polished
assay   99.99% trace metals basis
hardness   5 mohs
size   10 mm × 10 mm × 0.5 mm
transmittance   400-4000 nm, ~80%
mp   1825 °C (lit.)
density   4.22 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)


Physical form

tetragonal (a = b = 7.12 Å, c = 6.29 Å)

Features and Benefits

Birefringent yttrium vanadate crystals are ideal materials for optical polarizing components such as fiber optics or beam displacers. It is transparent over a large range and is a material of medium hardness and can therefore be polished to a high optical finish.

Physical properties

Refractive Index η, Birefringence (Δn) and walk-off angle at 45° (ρ):
η o= 1.9929 η e= 2.2154 Δη = 0.2225 ρ=6.04° at λ 0.63 μm
η o= 1.9500 η e= 2.1554 Δη = 0.2054 ρ=5.72° at λ 1.30 μm
η o= 1.9447 η e= 2.1486 Δη = 0.2039 ρ=5.69° at λ 1.55 μm

Thermal Conductivity: A axis 5.32 W/(m.k), C axis = 5.10 W/(m.k)

Thermal Expansion: αa= 4.43 x10-6/ °C, αc= 11.37 x10-6/ °C

Thermal Optic Coefficient: dη a / dT : 8.5x10-6/ °C, dη c / dT : 3.0 x10-6/ °C

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
WGK Germany 


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


Deposition Substrates and Silicon Wafers

Successful deposition of materials often depends on the proper substrates, with a good lattice match and a clean, even surface. We are proud to offer a variety of new single crystal substrates and si...
Chemfiles Volume 4 Article 3
Keywords: Deposition, Diffraction, Semiconductor, Trace metal analysis, X-Ray diffraction

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