698830 Aldrich

Graphite Green Alternative

platelet nanofibers, D × L 50-250 nm × 0.5-5 μm, 98% carbon basis



Related Categories 06: C, Alternative Energy, Carbon Nanofibers, Carbon Nanomaterials, Carbon Nanotubes,
assay   98% carbon basis
form   powder
composition   carbon, >99% trace metals analysis
greener alternative product characteristics   Design for Energy Efficiency
Learn more about the Principles of Green Chemistry.
D × L   50-250 nm × 0.5-5 μm
particle size   100 nm (average width, TEM)
  2.5 μm (average length, TEM)
surface area   BET surf. area ~80 m2/g (SSA)
mp   3652-3697 °C(lit.)


Preparation Note

Produced by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CCVD).

Other Notes

Sigma Life Science is committed to bringing you Greener Alternative Products, which adhere to one or more of The 12 Principles of Greener Chemistry. This product has been enhanced for energy efficiency. Find details here.

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Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries

In 2010, the rechargeable lithium ion battery market reached ~$11 billion and continues to grow.1 Current demand for lithium batteries is dominated by the portable electronics and power tool industri...
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Composite materials that traditionally incorporate micron scale reinforcements in a bulk matrix offer opportunities to tailor material properties such as hardness, tensile strength, ductility, densit...
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Graphite Nanofibers: Demineralization Procedure

Graphite nanofibers (GNF) have been utilized in a number of catalysis and alternative energy applications. For example, they have found use in Lithium-ion batteries where they have been found to be i...
Keywords: Alternative energy, Catalysis

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