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  • 738573 - Platinum-ruthenium alloy on graphitized carbon

738573 Sigma-Aldrich

Platinum-ruthenium alloy on graphitized carbon

Green Alternative

extent of labeling: 20 wt. % Pt loading, extent of labeling: 10 wt. % Ru loading

Synonym: 20% Pt, 10% Ru on Vulcan XC72, 30% Pt-Ru/Vulcan



Related Categories Alternative Energy, Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Enabling Products, Fuel Cell Catalysts,
Quality Level   100
form   powder
reaction suitability   reagent type: catalyst
core: platinum
greener alternative product characteristics   Design for Energy Efficiency
Learn more about the Principles of Green Chemistry.
extent of labeling   20 wt. % Pt loading
  10 wt. % Ru loading
particle size   <5 nm (Pt)
SMILES string   [Ru].[Pt]
InChI   1S/Pt.Ru



Platinum-ruthenium alloy on graphitized carbon (30% Pt-Ru/Vulcan) can be used as an electrocatalyst for the fabrication of direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) and proton exchange membrane (PEM) based fuel cells.


1 g in glass bottle

Other Notes

We are committed to bringing you Greener Alternative Products, which adhere to one or more of The 12 Principles of Greener Chemistry. This product has been enhanced for energy efficiency. Find details here.

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UN1325 - class 4.1 - PG 2 - Flammable solids, organic, n.o.s., HI: all
WGK Germany 
Flash Point(F) 
Not applicable
Flash Point(C) 
Not applicable


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Material Matters, 2012 v7, n4
Keywords: Adsorption, Alternative energy, Applications, Automotive, Catalysis, Diffusion, Environmental, Gene expression, Immobilization, Infrared spectroscopy, Metal organic frameworks, Methods, Molecular probes, Oxidations, Protocols, Reductions, Search, Spectroscopy, Substitutions, Support, Surface Science, Type

Nanostructured Materials Through Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis

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Jin Ho Bang, Yuri T. Didenko, Richard J. Helmich, and Kenneth S. Suslick
Material Matters, Volume 7, Number 2, 15–20
Keywords: Antimicrobials, Cancer, Catalysis, Characterizations, Chemical reactions, Condensations, Deposition, Diffusion, Electronics, Evaporation, Flow cytometry, Nanomaterials, Oxidations, Photovoltaics, Precipitation, Purification, Reductions, Semiconductor, Separation, Solar cells, Solvents, Thin film deposition

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