809942 Sigma-Aldrich

Dimethyl carbonate

≥99.9%, acid <10 ppm, H2O <10 ppm

Synonym: Carbonic acid dimethyl ester, DMC, dimethyl ester



Related Categories Alternative Energy, Battery Electrolyte Materials, Electrolytes, Lithium-Ion Batteries, Materials Science,
vapor density   3.1 (vs air)
vapor pressure   18 mmHg ( 21.1 °C)
assay   ≥99.9%
form   liquid
refractive index   n20/D 1.368 (lit.)
bp   90 °C(lit.)
mp   2-4 °C (lit.)
density   1.069 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)



Alkyl carbonates find applications as solvents for lithium ion battery electrolytes and the use of high quality battery grade electrolytes having extremely low water (<10 ppm) and acid (<10 ppm) contents are critical for achieving high electrochemical performance.


25 g in glass bottle

Other Notes

• These additives have low water content (less than 100 ppm).
• Please handle under inert and moisture free environment (glove box).
• Keep containers tightly closed.
• Keep away from heat and ignition sources.
• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Avoid storing together with oxidizers.

Legal Information

Product of Ube Industries Ltd.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

UN1161 - class 3 - PG 2 - Dimethyl carbonate


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Protocols & Articles


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