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905054 Sigma-Aldrich

Iron oxide incorporated conjugated polymer nanoparticles

fluorescence λem 475 nm, 100 μg/mL in H2O

Synonym: Conjugated polymer nanoparticles, Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles, Fluorescent nanoparticles, Magneto-conjugated polymer nanoparticles




Iron oxide incorporated conjugated polymer nanoparticles (fluorescence λem 475 nm, 100 μg/mL in H2O) is a multifunctional material with good magnetic and optical properties. It can be used for a variety of biomedical applications such as biosensors, drug delivery, and chemical sensors.

The iron oxide containing conjugated polymer nanoparticles are water-soluble nanoparticle compromising of light emitting polymer and iron oxide. These nanoparticles possess ′core-shell′ structure where light emitting polymer and iron oxide are encapsulated in biocompatible surfactant. The surfactant essentially increases hydrophilicity and allows formation of stable nanoparticles. The ′core-shell′ structure consisting of polymer and iron oxide in the core and the biocompatible surfactant in surrounding shell allows easy covalently bonding of these nanoparticles with biomolecules such streptavidin, antibodies, proteins, nucleic acids etc and make them suitable for applications in flow cytometry, western blotting, immunochemistry etc. The presence of iron oxide in core makes these fluorescent nanoparticles distinctly different than conventional dyes as it allows their manipulation with magnetic field and renders them suitable for applications in magnetic resonance imaging as well.

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Fluorescent Nanomaterials for Bioimaging: Consideration of Particle Brightess, Photostability, and Size

1 ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics & School of Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia 2 Adámas Nanotechnologies, Inc., 8100 Brownleigh Drive, Suite 120, Raleigh, ...
Keywords: Absorption, Cancer, Clinical, Confocal microscopy, Diffraction, Diffusion, Extinction coefficient, Infrared spectroscopy, Microscopy, Nanomaterials, Passive transport, Reductions, Scanning electron microscopy, Semiconductor

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