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  • BR4600240 - BRAND® Dispensette® S Fixed-volume bottle-top dispenser


BRAND® Dispensette® S Fixed-volume bottle-top dispenser

volume size 10 mL, without recirculation valve

  •  NACRES NB.01



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feature   DE-M marking
  without recirculation valve
mfr. no.   BRAND, 4600240
volume size   10 mL
fitting   (GL 28/S28)
  GL 32
  GL 38
  S 40


General description

Dispensette S is suitable for an amazingly broad range of applications, particularly for many acids, saline solutions and organic solvents.

Features and Benefits

•  Extremely easy filling and dispensing
•  Simple priming by optimized flow channels
•  Rapid and safe volume adjustment with internal scalloped track

Other Notes

Fixed Volume- For standard applications. Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

Legal Information

BRAND is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG

Dispensette is a registered trademark of BRAND GMBH + CO KG

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.


Certificate of Analysis (COA)

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Protocols & Articles


Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser Technical Data

Liquids which form deposits may make the piston difficult to move or may cause jamming (e.g., crystallizing solutions or concentrated alkaline solutions). When dispensing inflammable media, make sure...
Keywords: Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Solvents

Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic Chemical Compatibility Chart

The chart below lists chemical compatibility for Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic from Brand. The recommendations reflect testing completed prior to publication. Always follow instructions i...
Keywords: Biological Buffers, Buffers, Cell culture, Detergents

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BRAND Dispensette S Bottletop Dispenser

Dispensette® S Dispensette® S supports a very wide range of applications for the dispensing of aggressive reagents – directly from the supply bottle: such as concentrated bases and acids like H3PO4, ...
Keywords: Solvents

Choosing Thread Adapters for BRAND® Dispensette® S [VIDEO]

This video provides an overview of how to make sure you pick the right thread adapters for your BRAND® Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser. The BRAND® Dispensette® S bottle-top dispensers come with d...
Keywords: Solvents

Cleaning a Stuck Filling Valve on a Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispenser

This video demonstrates how to diagnose and clean a stuck filling valve for all models of the Dispensette® S family of bottletop dispensers. The video first shows how to unscrew the Dispensette® S fr...

Dispensette® S - Easy to Clean [VIDEO]

This video explains in a step-by-step guide how to clean the BRAND Dispensette® S bottle-top dispenser after working in the lab. The dispenser models and corresponding bottle adapters are available f...

Dispensette® S - Serial Dispensing with the Flexible Discharge Tube [VIDEO]

The flexible discharge tube facilitates serial dispensing with the bottle-top dispenser Dispensette® S from BRAND®. It permits fast and precise dispensing even into narrow test tubes.

Dispensette® S Accessories for All Applications [VIDEO]

This video highlights the different accessories included with the Dispensette® S, such as the flexible discharge tube, drying tube, remote dispensing system, and the air vent cap for micro filters. T...

Proper Set Up and Cleaning of the Dispensette® S Bottetop Dispenser

This video describes the proper set up of the Dispensette® S bottletop dispenser. Dispenser models and corresponding bottle adapters are available for most laboratory reagents. The video describes ho...

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