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Z221163 Sigma-Aldrich

Aldrich® sublimation apparatus

capacity, ≤ 12 g starting material



General description

With reversed, screw-thread ST joint and 2 mm glass stopcock. O-ring seals joint without grease, thus eliminating contamination when removing sublimator head. Flat-bottom on inner tube for easy sample removal.

1. Place material to be sublimated in bottom of lower vessel
2. Attach condenser assembly to the lower vessel and tighten red cap nut
3. Connect coolant supply hose to upper hose connector and coolant return hose to lower connector
4. Connect vacuum source to stopcock hose connection
5. Place lower vessel into heating mantle, sand bath or high temperature silicone oil bath
6. Use a laboratory thermometer or thermocouple in the mantle, sand or oil to monitor temperature
7. Start flow of coolant through condenser assembly
8. Evacuate lower vessel
9. Turn on heating mantle
10. Sublimation begins

Z557072, Aldrich sublimation head, for Z221163
Z557056, Aldrich sublimation head, for Z221171
Z557080, Aldrich sublimation reservoir, for Z221163
Z557064, Aldrich sublimation reservoir, for Z221171

Legal Information

Aldrich is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.


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