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Z408956 Aldrich

MIXXOR liquid-liquid extraction system

capacity 2 mL



capacity   2 mL


General description

Sample Prep Benefits
• For sample volumes from 2 to 50 mL
• Minimal amount of solvent required
• Rapid, simple-to-use
• Safe, closed system prevents spills
• Precise, allows for easy separation of phases
• Flexible, comes in five sizes and will fit in interlocking stands

The MIXXOR Concept (seven easy steps)

1. Introduce sample and extraction solvent into reservoir A (Fig. 1)
2. Insert mixer-separator piston B into reservoir A, tighten cap S.
3. Pump four or more times to mix (Fig. 2)
4. Pull mixer-separator up slightly above liquid level and secure with holder spacer H. Loosen cap.
5. After separation, slide down the mixer-separator to transfer the upper phase into collection chamber E.
6. Adjust lower phase to top of axial channel C. (Fig. 1 and 3) Use fine adjustment on holder-spacer to secure setting.
7. Top phase can now be decanted safely, while lower phase stays in the axial chamber.

For the quantitative extraction of organics from aqueous solutions and separations in immunoassays. The MIXXOR system has been applied successfully in many laboratory solvent extraction operations and is ideal for the rapid screening of alternative solvents for specific extraction problems. System includes plastic support stand. See the website at sigma-aldrich.com/labware for a listing of replacement parts.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

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