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Cochranes molecular models, Unit, large demonstration set

versatile peg system

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packaging   set of 1
mfr. no.   Cochranes, 1950
storage temp.   room temp


General description

With the Unit Large Demonstration Set you can show molecular shapes with rotating single bonds and non-rotating double and triple bonds, structural isomers and optical isomers, ring structures, the chair-boat ‘flip’ of cyclohexane and VSEPR theory.

The set allows you to make models of hydrocarbons, alcohols, amines, organic and inorganic acids and bases, carbohydrates, benzene, chlorinated molecules, inorganic molecules and more - that the whole class can see!

The system uses large (44 mm diameter) spheres in seven colors to represent different atoms plus a 25 mm diameter white sphere to represent a hydrogen atom. A versatile peg system allows you to use each large model atom in either tetrahedral (sp3), trigonal (sp2), linear (sp), trigonal bipyramidal (dsp3) and octahedral (d2sp3) geometries. These can be joined with either rigid alloy or flexible vinyl bond tubes.

Bonds and atoms are to scale for accuracy at 8.5 cm per 100 pm.

Set contents:

Model atoms (total 70)
Z691798 Carbon, black (qty. 18)
Z691771 Oxygen, red (qty. 6)
Z691763 Nitrogen, blue (qty. 4)
Z691801 Halogen, green (qty. 6)
Z691836 Sulfur, yellow (qty. 2)
Z691828 Metal, silver (qty. 2)
Z691755 Other element, white (qty. 2)
Z691844 Hydrogen, 25 mm, white (qty. 30)

Bonding pegs (total 144)
Z691860 radial- standard (qty. 48)
Z691879 polar (qty. 24)
Z691887 4 and 8 coordinate (qty. 72)

Bonds (total 90)

Z691917 Rigid metal tube, 65 mm (qty. 36)
Z691925 Rigid metal tube, 83 mm (qty. 40)
Z691933 Rigid metal tube, 125 mm (qty. 4)
Z691968 Flexible tube (white), 90 mm (qty. 10)

Legal Information

Unit is a trademark of Cochranes of Oxford Ltd.

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