850092P Avanti

Brain Lyso PS

L-α-lysophosphatidylserine (Brain, Porcine) (sodium salt), powder



assay   >99% (LPS; may contain up to 10% of the 2-LPS isomer, TLC)
form   powder
packaging   pkg of 1 × 10 mg (850092P-10mg)
  pkg of 1 × 5 mg (850092P-5mg)
mfr. no.   Avanti Polar Lipids, 850092P
shipped in   dry ice
storage temp.   −20°C


General description

Lyso-phosphatidylserine (lyso-PS) is produced by the enzymatic action of phospholipase A1 and A2 on phosphatidylserine.


Brain Lyso PS is suitable for use:
• as standard to quantify lipids using ultra high performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry (UHPLC-ESI-MS/MS)
• in the preparation of liposomes for coating dynabeads for binding of factor H (fH)
• as a ligand for G-protein coupled receptor 34 (GPR34) in in vitro experiments to investigate its effect granulosa cells(GC) and hormone production
• as substrate for sicariid phospholipase D (PLD) toxins (SicTox) enzymes

Biochem/physiol Actions

Lyso-Phosphatidylserine (Lyso-PS) plays a key role in histamine release from mast cells. Lyso-PS inhibits the growth to T cells. It is a chemotactic substance for fibroblast and tumor cells. Lyso-PS is involved in tumor progression and allergic reactions.


5 mL Amber Glass Screw Cap Vial (850092P-10mg)

5 mL Amber Glass Screw Cap Vial (850092P-5mg)

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


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