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1.05651 Supelco

ProteoChrom HPTLC cellulose plate

plate L × W 10 cm × 10 cm, suitable for HPTLC



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Quality Level   100
application(s)   HPTLC: suitable
plate L × W   10 cm × 10 cm
storage conditions   Store at room temperature.


General description

We’ve enhanced our ProteoChrom plates to make separation highly efficient – especially when peptides and protein digests need to be analyzed. ProteoChrom plates take performance to new levels. Applications are highly reproducible thanks to optimized separation and staining procedures. With extra-thin 100µm layers, the plates are incredibly sensitive. They’re also perfect for use with aqueous solvent systems since they prove highly stable in water. For added convenience, our ProteoChrom plates include easy-to-read and detailed protocols.

for peptide analysis 10 x 10 cm

Analysis Note

Layer thickness: 90 - 120 µm
Deviation of layer thickness per plate: ≤ 20 µm
Aminoacid test
- L-Lysine:
22 - 33
- L-threonine, amino acid test: 38 - 48
- L- Valine: 54 - 66
separation number: ≥ 11
Typical value determined on a sheet
Eluent: 2-Butanol/pyridine/ acetic acid/ water (30/20/6/24 v/v/v/v)

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
Protocols & Articles


TLC Analysis of Dipeptides on ProteoChrom HPTLC Cellulose

From our library of Articles, Sigma-Aldrich presents TLC Analysis of Dipeptides on ProteoChrom HPTLC Cellulose
Keywords: Chromatography, Indicators, Thin layer chromatography

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