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Spectromelt C 10

Grinding and tabletting aid for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy



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Quality Level   100
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General description

Grinding and tabletting aid for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Analysis Note

IR-spectrum: passes test
Al (Aluminium): ≤ 0,001
Ba (Barium): ≤ 0,001
Ca (Calcium): ≤ 0,001
Co (Cobalt): ≤ 0,001
Cr (Chromium): ≤ 0,001
Cu (Copper): ≤ 0,001
Fe (Iron): ≤ 0,001
K (Potassium): ≤ 0,001
Mn (Manganese): ≤ 0,001
Mo (Molybdenum): ≤ 0,001
Ni (Nickel): ≤ 0,001
Pb (Lead): ≤ 0,001
Si (Silicon): ≤ 0,001
Sr (Strontium): ≤ 0,001
Ti (Titanium): ≤ 0,001
V (Vanadium): ≤ 0,001

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
Protocols & Articles


Reagents for Grinding and Tabletting

Spectromelt® Reagents for Grinding and Tabletting Optimized for Automated Sample Preparation Tabletting the sample is an alternative sample preparation for XRF to fusion. The Spectromelt® C-series is...
Keywords: Homogenization, Sample preparations

Reagents for XRF Sample Preparation

We offer a broad range of Spectromelt® fluxes and other materials for sample preparation in your X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) applications. Our product portfolio for XRF sample preparation compr...
Keywords: Elemental analysis, Melting, Sample preparations

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