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124039 Sigma-Aldrich

InSolution Akt Inhibitor X - CAS 925681-41-0 - Calbiochem

The InSolution Akt Inhibitor X, also referenced under CAS 925681-41-0, controls the biological activity of Akt. This small molecule/inhibitor is primarily used for Phosphorylation & Dephosphorylation applications.

Synonym: 10-(4ʹ-(N,N-Diethylamino)butyl)-2-chlorophenoxazine, HCl, 4-(2-Chloro-10H-phenoxazin-10-yl)-N,N-diethylbutan-1-amine, HCl, 4-(2-Chloro-10H-phenoxazin-10-yl)-N,N-diethylbutan-1-amine, HCl, 10-(4ʹ-(N,N-Diethylamino)butyl)-2-chlorophenoxazine, HCl, InSolution Akt Inhibitor X - CAS 925681-41-0 - Calbiochem

  • CAS Number 925681-41-0

  • Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C20H25ClN2O · xHCl

  • Molecular Weight 344.88 (free base basis)



Related Categories A to C, Akt, Biochemicals and Reagents, Enzyme Inhibitors, Enzyme Inhibitors by Enzyme,
Quality Level   100
assay   ≥97% (HPLC)
form   liquid
mfr. no.   Calbiochem®
storage condition   OK to freeze
  avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
  protect from light
storage conditions   = -70C
shipped in   dry ice


General description

A cell-permeable, reversible, and selective inhibitor of the phosphorylation of Akt and its in vitro kinase activity (complete inhibition < 5 µM) with minimal effect on PI 3-K, PDK1, or SGK1. Shown to suppress growth of Rh (rhabdomyosarcoma) cell lines (IC50 = 2-5 µM), inhibit IGF-I-stimulated nuclear translocation of Akt, and prevent phosphorylation of the downstream targets, mTOR, p70S6 kinase, and S6 ribosomal protein. Unlike Akti1/2 (>Cat. No. 124018), the mode of inhibition is not PH domain-dependent. Also shown to induce neuronal autophagy in an Akt- and mTOR-independent manner and enhances the clearance of misfolded protein. The solid form of this compound (Cat. No. 124020) is also available.


2 mg in Glass bottle

Biochem/physiol Actions

Cell permeable: yes

Primary Target

Reversible: yes


Packaged under inert gas


Toxicity: Standard Handling (A)

Physical form

A 20 mM (2 mg/262 µL) solution of Akt Inhibitor X (Cat. No. 124020) in H₂O.


Following initial thaw, aliquot and freeze (-70°C). Aliquots are stable for up to 6 months at -70°C.

Other Notes

Tsvetkov, A.S., et al. 2010. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA107, 16982.
Thimmaiah, K.N., et al. 2005. J. Biol. Chem.280, 31924.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
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