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  • 539509 - Anti-PP2A/A (7-19) (PR65) Rabbit pAb

539509 Sigma-Aldrich

Anti-PP2A/A (7-19) (PR65) Rabbit pAb

liquid, clone, Calbiochem®

Synonym: Anti-PP2A/A



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clone   polyclonal
biological source   rabbit
species reactivity (predicted by homology)   mammals
form   liquid
shipped in   wet ice
isotype   IgG
Quality Level   100
antibody product type   primary antibodies
contains   ≤0.1% sodium azide as preservative
mfr. no.   Calbiochem®
storage condition   OK to freeze
  avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
storage conditions   = -70C


General description

Immunoaffinity purified rabbit polyclonal antibody. Recognizes the ~65 kDa α- and β-isoforms of the A(PR65) regulatory subunit of PP2A.

Recognizes the ~65 kDa regulatory subunit of PP2A/A. Exhibits slight cross-reactivity to tubulin in whole brain homogenates.

  • Antibody Target Gene Symbol: PPP2R1A, PPP2R1B
    • Target Synonym: 6330556D22Rik, ALPHA 4 REGULATORY SUBUNIT, MGC786, MGC95083, PP2A, PP2A AALPHA, PP2A/A, PR65, PR65A, 2410091N08RIK, AI790395, MGC26454, PP2A-A BETA, PR65B
    • Entrez Gene Name: protein phosphatase 2 (formerly 2A), regulatory subunit A, alpha isoform
    • Hu Entrez ID: 5519
    • Mu Entrez ID: 73699
    • Rat Entrez ID: 315648
  • This Anti-PP2A/A (7-19) (PR65) Rabbit pAb is validated for use in Immunoblotting, Immunocytochemistry for the detection of PP2A/A (7-19) (PR65).



    a synthetic peptide (DDSLYPIAVLIDE) corresponding to amino acids 7-19 of the mammalian PP2A/A regulatory subunit, conjugated to KLH


    Immunoblotting (1:500)

    Immunocytochemistry (1:500)

    Physical form

    In 10 mM Tris-HCl, 3 mM glycine, pH 7.5.


    Following initial thaw, aliquot and freeze (-70°C).


    100 μL in Plastic ampoule


    Toxicity: Standard Handling (A)

    Other Notes

    Cross-reacts with PR65 from most mammalian species, including human, rat, and mouse. Exhibits minor cross-reactivity with tubulin in whole brain homogenates. Variables associated with assay conditions will dictate the proper working dilution.

    Safety & Documentation

    Safety Information

    WGK Germany 
    WGK 1
    Flash Point(F) 
    Not applicable
    Flash Point(C) 
    Not applicable
    Protocols & Articles


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