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  • WBAVDP001 - Immobilon® Block - PO (Phosphoprotein Blocker)

WBAVDP001 Millipore

Immobilon® Block - PO (Phosphoprotein Blocker)

Western blotting, dot/slot blotting, mass spectrometry, phosphorolation assay

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packaging   1 in Sufficient reagent for 19 mini blots (8x7 cm) (WBAVDP001)
trade name   bløk
detection method   Phosphoprotein
application(s)   Western Blotting
membrane coverage   1000 cm²
volume   500 mL
shipped in   3
Quality Assurance   For optimum results, use Immobilon-P membrane for chemiluminescence (luminol) or visual detection (e.g. TMB), and Immobilon-FL membrane for fluorescent detection applications.
storage conditions   20 to 25 °C


Storage and Stability

Stable for 1 year at 20–25°C

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
Protocols & Articles


Blocking Reagents for Western Blotting

Bløk®-FL reagent provides exceptional signal-to-noise results. An Immobilon®-FL blots with dilution series of EGF-stimulated A431 lysate were blocked with indicated blocking reagent and incubated wit...
Keywords: Amplification, Cell disruption, PAGE

Immunodetection: Western Blot Troubleshooting

Perhaps more than any other step in Western blotting, immunodetection conditions are subject to the greatest number of variables, in part because this step depends on antibody:antigen recognition. Ou...
Keywords: Amplification, Cell disruption, Degradations, Detergents, Gene expression, Glycosylations, Immunohistochemistry, Phosphorylations, Ubiquitinations, Western blot


Recipe Calculators for Western Blotting Buffers & Solutions

The recipes listed enable the accurate preparation of commonly used solutions for Western blotting, whether you are mixing low volumes for a few experiments or multiple liters for the entire lab to u...
Keywords: Buffers, Detergents, Western blot

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