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NatriFlo HD-Q Pilot

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mfr. no.   NatriFlo
parameter   75-375 mL/min flow rate
bed H   0.5 mm
bed volume   15 mL
pore size   0.4 μm nominal pore size
capacity   3 g binding capacity (BSA)(per device)
shipped in   ambient


General description

With a revolutionary three-dimensional macroporous hydrogel structure that provides a high density of binding sites and rapid mass transfer, Natrix® HD membranes deliver binding capacity that exceeds resin-based columns with fast flow rates. This combination of performance and speed enables low-risk, scalable solutions for efficient purification of biologics and eliminates costly packing, cleaning, validating and other burdens of conventional methods. The single-use membrane chromatography technology can be utilized for initial capture steps all the way through polishing and is adaptable to most ligand chemistries or affinity products.
NatriFlo HD-Q Chromatography Membrane Adsorber is a high capacity, high throughput strong anion exchange membrane adsorber for single-use per batch biomolecule purification applications.
The NatriFlo HD-Q Pilot is an intermediate scale adsorber, intended to verify and adjust operating parameters. The Pilot may be used for small-scale clinical and commercial manufacturing.
mAb nominal polishing capacity: 150 g

Membrane configuration: Pleated

1 device per package

Legal Information

NATRIFLO is a trademark of Natrix Separations Inc.

NATRIX is a registered trademark of Natrix Separations Inc.

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Comparison of process-related impurity clearance for membrane adsorbers and resin-based chromatography technologies

Strong anion exchange (Q) chromatography has become an industry standard in polishing steps for monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification. It is a proven technology to remove DNA, viruses, endotoxins an...
Keywords: Buffers, Cell culture, Chromatography, Column chromatography, Ligands, Mass spectrometry, Polymerase chain reaction - quantitative, Purification, Reductions, Separation

Robust, load independent viral clearance in monoclonal antibody purification with NatriFlo® HD-Q membrane adsorber

Anion exchange chromatography is an important flowthrough polishing step for viral clearance of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Resin based materials are most commonly used for this but the large size ...
Keywords: Buffers, Cell culture, Chromatography, Clinical, Column chromatography, Diffusion, Ligands, Mass spectrometry, Reductions

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