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SAMP2LID Millipore

Samplicity G2 Filtration System Replacement Lid

To be used with the Samplicity G2 Filtration System. Powered by vacuum, the system takes minimal manual effort to filter 1 to 8 samples into standard HPLC vials in seconds, with higher recovery than syringe filters provide.

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Quality Level   100
sterility   non-sterile
mfr. no.   Samplicity®
application(s)   HPLC: suitable
  sample preparation: suitable (analytical)
shipped in   ambient


General description

Overview of Samplicity® G2 System

• Samplicity G2 Filtration System enables vacuum driven filtration of up to 8 samples at once, directly into HPLC vials.

• Filtration for HPLC sample prep without syringes. Sample is added to an adapter funnel on a standard Millex 33 mm filter (Millex Filters for the Samplicity G2 System) or an integrated funnel and filter (Millex Samplicity filter)

• Samplicity G2 System has lower ergonomic impact than manual syringe filtration


HPLC; Filtration of viscous or particulate laden samples for HPLC


1 ea in non sterile

Legal Information

SAMPLICITY is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.
Protocols & Articles


Multisample filtration of small volumes using the Samplicity® system

With advances in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography  (UHPLC), analytical separations have become more and more sensitive, meaning that smaller...
Keywords: Chromatography, Filtration, High performance liquid chromatography, Sample preparations, Solvents

The Samplicity System Delivers High-Performance Multi-sample Filtration While Streamlining Preparation of Chromatography Samples

The Samplicity® filtration system has helped researchers streamline chromatographic sample preparation in order to match the speed and throughput requirements of their analytical separations such as ...
Keywords: Centrifugation, Chromatography, Evaporation, Filtration, High performance liquid chromatography, Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Mass spectrometry, Pharmaceutical, Reversed-phase chromatography, Sample preparations, Solvents, Spectroscopy


Faster Sample Filtration for HPLC with a Vacuum-driven Multi-sample Device

Sample prefiltration is an important process that removes contaminants from samples for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) prior to analysis. Filtering out contaminants can help prolong co...
Keywords: Chromatography, Filtration, High performance liquid chromatography, Pharmaceutical, Sample preparations

Low-extractable Millex Samplicity® filters are ideal for preparing samples for sensitive HPLC detectors

The Samplicity® filtration system was developed to filter up to 8 samples directly into standard HPLC vials using vacuum-based filtration. The samples can then be used in downstream HPLC analysis. Gi...
Keywords: Chromatography, Detection methods, Filtration, Fluorescence detector, High performance liquid chromatography, Industries, Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, Mass spectrometry, Pharmaceutical, Phase transitions, Sample preparations, Separation, Solvents, Ultraviolet-Visible spectroscopy

The Samplicity Filtration System Streamlines Chromatography Sample Preparation

Recent innovations that have accelerated chromatographic separation, such as ultrahigh performance liquid chromatography [UHPLC] and monolithic chromatography columns, are turning up the pressure on ...
Keywords: Chromatography, Filtration, High performance liquid chromatography, Reductions, Sample preparations, Separation, Size-exclusion chromatography

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