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  • XX3001200 - Swinny Filter Holder 13 mm, stainless steel

XX3001200 Millipore

Swinny Filter Holder 13 mm, stainless steel

Swinny Filter Holder 13mm, stainless steel

  •  eCl@ss 32031613

  •  NACRES NB.24



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packaging   1 (XX3001200)
L   3.3 cm
compatibility   for use with Stainless Steel Syringe Filter Holder
diam.   1.6 cm
filter diam.   13 mm
filtration area   0.8 cm2
fitting   inlet fitting female Luer-Lok
  outlet slip male Luer
material   PTFE O-ring
  PTFE gasket
  PTFE seal
  stainless steel housing
  stainless steel screen
parameter   6.9 bar max. inlet pressure (100 psi)
prefilter diam.   10 mm
shipped in   ambient
connections, inlet/outlet   Female Luer-Lok Inlet


General description

Make your own syringe filter! Microsyringe and Swinny filter holders give you the flexibility to select the membrane type and diameter that are most appropriate for your application. For sterile filtration, autoclave your filter holders with the membrane in place. Ultraclean or sterilize small volumes of liquids dispensed by a syringe or install in-line to filter larger volumes.

Features & Benefits
•Available in two sizes for a range of process volumes
•Durable stainless steel construction ensures years of use, decreasing waste from disposable syringe filters
•Autoclavable with filter in place for sterile filtration

Ultracleaning or Sterilization of Liquids

XX3001200 Swinny Filter Holder 13 mm, stainless steel
XX3002500 Microsyringe Filter Holder 25 mm, Luer-Lok, stainless steel
XX3002514 Microsyringe Filter Holder 25 mm, NPTF, stainless steel

Replacement Parts
XX30012RK Swinny 13 mm Replacement Parts Kit
XX30025RK Microsyringe 25 mm Replacement Parts Kit



Preparation Note

Sterilization Method
Autoclavable with filter in-place

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Safety Information for this product is unavailable at this time.


Certificate of Analysis

Protocols & Articles


NIOSH 5517 (Issue 2)– Products and Materials Guide

Organic pollutants, Polychlorinated benzenes (PCBzs) can be unintentionally formed from thermal processes in different industrial activities including in fly ash, bottom ash and soil from combustion ...
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NIOSH 5519– Products and Materials Guide

3,3′-Dichlorobenzidine is an organic compound that is used in the production of diarylide yellow pigments used in the production of printing, but largely discontinued because of concerns about carcin...
Keywords: High performance liquid chromatography, Sample preparations

User Guide 25 mm High Pressure Stainless Steel Filter Holder

The 25 mm High Pressure 316 Stainless Steel Filter Holder is used in laboratory applications to filter high-pressure gases or liquids for clarification/particulate removal or analysis of particulates...
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