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Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master



Quality Level   100
mfr. no.   Roche
packaging   kit of for 100 reactions


General description

Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master; Instructions For Use

Ready-to-use reaction mix for two-step RT-qPCR on all real-time PCR systems.

The Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master is the convenient solution for time-saving cDNA synthesis for two-step real-time RT-PCR. All reagents required, including random hexamer primer, nucleotides, buffers and enzymes are supplied in just two vials minimizing pipetting. Maximum convenience is achieved by combining the Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master mix with the RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit, further accelerating real-time PCR by directly using cell lysates. The unique enzyme included in this kit has a broad temperature range and is suitable for high temperature reverse transcription. The Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master produces very high specificity and sensitivity, even with difficult complex RNA templates. Excellent performance and linear response in real-time RT-PCR is obtained for both low and high copy genes. The Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master is compatible with LightCycler® instruments and all other real-time PCR instruments requiring normalization with a reference dye.

Sensitive and accurate RT-PCR assay is a prerequisite for meaningful molecular genetic analyses. Choosing the correct enzyme for reverse transcription and cDNA synthesis is critical for obtaining high yields of high quality full-length cDNA, that is faithful to the original cellular RNA.
We offer a comprehensive selection of Transcriptor reverse transcription products, including:

• Enzymes with exquisite performance and broad dynamic range in real-time PCR.
• Enzymes for high temperature reverse transcription to synthesize cDNA from RNA with secondary structures.
• High Fidelity Transcriptor products, with proofreading activity, for applications requiring the highest sequence accuracy.


Reverse transcription is a hallmark of molecular biology. The ability to convert RNA into DNA for qualitative and quantitative RNA analysis using PCR or real-time PCR has revolutionized gene expression analysis. Quantitative reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR or qRT-PCR) is now the standard for mRNA detection and quantification, sensitive enough to quantify RNA from a single cell.

RT-PCR is also used for the creation of cDNA libraries, molecular cloning by PCR, and sequencing. The Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master is a convenient fast solution for cDNA synthesis and real-time PCR analysis. No matter which PCR instrument you are using, this master mix, supplied in just two vials, brings out the full potential of your qRT-PCR assays.

Features and Benefits

• Conserve valuable resources with effortless setup.
Just add your RNA. The two vials included in this kit contain all reagents required for reverse transcription, including random hexamer primer, nucleotides, buffers and enzymes
• Save time with a fast protocol.
The optimized master mix significantly reduces reverse transcription times (10 minutes) and setup times.
• Maximize convenience by combining this master mix with the Roche RealTime ready Cell Lysis Kit for cell lysates without RNA purification.
• Power through the most difficult templates.
Transcriptor Reverse Transcriptase’s high thermostability and specially optimized buffer system permit incubation temperatures up to +60°C, accurately transcribing even the most challenging secondary structures.
• Reliably standardize and quantify your qRT-PCR experiments.
Obtain sensitive reproducible results over a linear dynamic range of at least six orders of magnitude.
• Increase the sensitivity and specificity of your two-step qRT-PCR.
Produce lower cycle threshold (Ct) values, starting with target amounts as low as 0.1 pg total RNA.


• Transcriptor Universal Reverse Transcriptase, 20x concentrated
• Transcriptor Universal Reaction Buffer, 5x concentrated

Other Notes

Reverse Transcriptases Overview

Applicability of Function Tested RealTime ready Assays for Gene Expression Analysis Article (PDF, 1.52 MB)

Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master - Fast cDNA Synthesis for qRT-PCR Article (PDF, 187.1 KB)

Transcriptor Universal cDNA Master Article (PDF, 1.95 MB)

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Legal Information

LightCycler is a registered trademark of Roche

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

NONH for all modes of transport
Flash Point(F) 
does not flash
Flash Point(C) 
does not flash


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