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Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit



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Quality Level   100
mfr. no.   Roche
packaging   kit of for up to 100 reactions


General description

Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit; Instructions For Use

By combining agarose gel electrophoresis and extraction, you can easily concentrate dilute, aqueous DNA solutions. After processing with the kit, the DNA can be recovered in a volume of 20 to 50 μL. Isolated DNA fragments are free of inhibitors that could affect common downstream procedures. For example, recovered DNA can be efficiently ligated into cloning vectors or labeled to high specific activity. Restriction digests proceed without inhibition.

For the elution of DNA fragments from agarose gels.

The Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit provides convenient isolation of high-quality DNA in large amounts.


Agarose Gel DNA Extraction Kit has been used to extract full-length (CHRNA_v2) and shortest (CHRNA_v3) amplicons from agarose gels.

The Agarose DNA Extraction Kit efficiently isolates both small and large DNA fragments from standard or low melting point agarose. Recovered DNA fragments are suitable for:

• Ligation and transformation
• Enzymatic restriction
• Random primed or nick translation labeling methods
• Sequencing
• PCR/long PCR
• Cloning
• Concentrate dilute nucleic acid solutions

Features and Benefits

• Quick and simple.
Extract high yields of DNA in only 45 minutes, with few hands-on steps.
• Combine with different agaroses and buffer systems.
Low melting point agarose is not required.
• Purify efficiently.
Highly specific binding of DNA allows easy removal of impurities.
• Isolate large DNA fragments without shearing.
Silica particles are uniform in size and have smooth surfaces, ensuring recovery of intact DNA fragments up to 100 kb.
• Isolate oligonucleotides >=20 bp.
Narrow size distribution of the silica particles and absence of fines ensure high binding capacity of the matrix.
• Avoid enzymatic inhibition.
No fine particles are observed in the suspension. The recovered product will not inhibit subsequent enzymatic reactions.


• Silica Matrix, for 100 standard reactions
• Solubilization Buffer
• Nucleic Acid Binding Buffer
• Wash Buffer


DNA Molecular Weight Marker II is separated in a 0.8% agarose gel and the 546-, 2,322-, and 6,557 bp fragments are isolated with the kit components. The expected amount of DNA is recovered for each fragment. Depending on parameters such as fragment length, preparation, and purity of the applied DNA, up to 80% recovery is achieved. DNA fragments are digested with restriction enzymes. No inhibition of DNA digestion is observed.

Preparation Note

A solubilization buffer containing a chaotropic salt (sodium perchlorate) dissolves an agarose gel slice that contains a DNA fragment. In the presence of the chaotropic salt, the DNA fragment binds selectively to silica matrix. The DNA remains bound while a series of rapid wash-and-spin steps remove contaminating small molecules. Finally, low-salt elution removes the DNA from the silica matrix. The process does not require DNA precipitation, organic solvent extractions, or extensive handling of the DNA.

Other Notes

High Pure Technology and Silica Adsorption Kits

For life science research only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Safety & Documentation

Safety Information

Signal word 
Hazard statements 
UN 1502 5.1 / PGII
Flash Point(F) 
does not flash
Flash Point(C) 
does not flash


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