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64003BC Millipore

MVP Surface Sampling Device

BioControl, ATP Surface Sampling Swab for HACCP Management



packaging   pkg of 100 units (swabs; BC64003-100TST)
mfr. no.   BioControl Systems, 64003-100
storage condition   room temperature
application(s)   detection: suitable (ATP monitoring)
Featured Industry   Cosmetics
Food and Beverages
Industrial Hygiene (monitoring)
compatibility   for use with Sigma-Aldrich MVP ICON (78300)
storage temp.   room temp


General description

The MVP ICON Surface Sampling Device is a self-contained device for use with the MVP ICON system for quality and HACCP-related monitoring of the environment. The MVP ICON system detects food and microbiological residues by measuring Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) using luciferase bioluminescence. ATP is found in most food residues and all bacteria, yeast and mold cells.

Features and Benefits

Increase Confidence in Your Results
• Superior swab design eliminates variation in operator’s collection technique, increasing reproducibility and providing assurance swab will be accurately and consistently measured each time.
• Light output of the reagent is measured, not the solid device surface, ensuring a high degree of repeatability.
• Reagent flows through hollow sampling device shaft to evenly wash ATP off sampling tip into bottom of the collection tube, ensuring a high degree of accuracy.
• Sampling devices feature one-hand, one-step activation freeing one hand for other operations.

Create More Flexibility in Your Schedule
• The swab’s proprietary neutralizing buffer minimizes potential sanitizer interference so measurements can be taken before OR after sanitizing, letting you decide when it is most convenient to conduct your testing.
• Minimizes potential effect of commonly used sanitizers such as: Quat, Chlorine, and Peracetic Acid.
• Reduces false negative and false positive results caused by the quenching or amplification of sanitizers on competing swabs.

Convenient Storage
• Store sampling devices at room temperature – no refrigeration needed; saving precious refrigeration space for other necessities.


All test reagents are contained within the sampling device.


ATP Testing, Food Processing, HACCP Monitoring, Sanitation


The detection of ATP through bioluminescence is a well-established and widely used indicator of surface hygiene and cleaning efficacy in food processing. Visual inspection is not an adequate critical control for surface hygiene and the lengthy time-to-result of microbiological test methods (from 2 - 7 days) make them ineffective for hygiene monitoring. ATP detection with the MVP ICON provides results in 10 seconds allowing for immediate "go/no-go" decisions to be made prior to the start of processing and allows for correction actions, when necessary, to be taken immediately. ATP is a molecule that is found in all living cells, including: bacteria, yeast, mold and all organic matter. After cleaning and/or sanitizing, food processing equipment and the plant environment is tested for ATP. If cleaning/sanitizing has been effective, ATP levels should be low.

Testing Method

ATP Bioluminescence

Storage and Stability

Store at 2 to 30 °C (Protect from direct sunlight. Unused devices must be resealed in the foil bags.)

Kit component also available separately


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Protocols & Articles


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