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Sigma-Aldrich Color Chart

analytical standard

Synonym: Color Reference Table for solids



Related Categories All Color Reference Solutions, Analytical Standards, Analytical/Chromatography, Color Charts, Color Reference Solutions,
grade   analytical standard
form   neat
shelf life   limited shelf life, expiry date on the label
Featured Industry   Cosmetics, Personal Care, and Cleaning Products
Flavors and Fragrances
Food and Beverages
format   neat



for fast and reproducible color matching of solids

General description

The Sigma-Aldrich Color Chart has been developed for internal use in quality control of all the Sigma-Aldrich production sites. Considering our huge portfolio of different chemical products, the common color system should bring clarity in the jungle of colors and be simple to apply in the daily practice. Furthermore it should be based upon an accepted color system; communicable, reproducible and applicable everywhere.

Many color order systems use a quasi-spherical color space, in which the position of each color is described with three coordinates. We chose the Munsell color order system, which fulfilled all our needs. Therein each color is identified by the attributes of hue, value and chroma. The Munsell Books of Color contains thousands of color chips which are defined according to the Munsell color system. This large number of colors is much too big to handle in daily practice during practical tests so we identified the colors most frequently occurring in our products, which colors most oftern caused often problems in the color communication and with which colors we most frequently had to use paraphrases to explain the color.

The result is a selection of colors from the Munsell color order system; this selection contains 51 color chips. These chips are applied to a white background on one page. No turning of pages is necessary, which facilitates and speeds up the daily use of the color chart. Below the color chips you find the short-code plus the internally defined color name. On the other page there is a table from which you can see the hue, value and chroma for each of the colors according to the Munsell system.

colors comply with the Munsell® color system

Legal Information

Munsell is a registered trademark of Amazys Holding GMBH Corporation

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